Rachel Stevens Sculptor | YOU ARE HERE
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About This Project

Ventanas Ranch Park, Albuquerque
Dedicated April 13, 2013,
The five steel windows that comprise You Are Here, frame the landscape that characterizes Ventanas Ranch Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each window is a design and color indicative of New Mexico’s vernacular buildings. The windows are mounted atop cast concrete benches (bancos), which serve as seating for park visitors. They are installed on an arc, framing many points of view, be it the playground, basketball court, nearby businesses, or the majestic Sandia Mountains. Sitting and observing one’s surroundings through the windows is an invitation to slow down and appreciate one’s place in the world. Hence, the title of the sculpture, You Are Here.
The creation of You Are Here was made possible by many groups and individuals: Albuquerque Public Art Program; Pep Gomez, faculty, staff and students from the Welding Technology Program and Building Construction Program, Dona Ana Community College; Las Cruces Construction; College of Engineering, Department of Engineering Technology, Department of Art, New Mexico State University. Special thanks to Jack Wright, for Being Here.